Product Updates

Windows Server 2022 for Remote Desktop and Servers

30 May 2022

From July, the template with the new Windows Server 2022 OS will be available on the platform. From this point on, any Servers or Remote Desktop subscription will be able to choose this operating system when setting up their new server. For quite a while now, the platform has already offered a sim

New Data Centre in Madrid (EU-MAD3)

30 May 2022

We have a new data centre! We have just moved to EU_MAD3, a new, cutting-edge data centre located in the district of San Blas-Canillejas in Madrid. This move will allow us to reinforce the security and resilience of our entire infrastructure whilst improving our connectivity and efficiency at t

Price Modification Policy

25 May 2022

At Jotelulu, we like to do things differently. We want to make like easier for IT companies. But we don't just focus on the technical stuff; we also want to help our Partners with all things, including prices and pricing policy. We are very aware of the fact that our decisions can have a signifi

Jotelulu is a Strategic Hosting Provider for Sage

31 March 2022

It's official - we are now a Sage Partner Cloud. Sage recently made us a certified Strategic Hosting Provider (SHP) for our platform and all of its services. We have achieved this certification thanks to the levels of satisfaction and engagement demonstrated by the many Sage partners who use our

Internationalisation - Multi-language Platform

15 March 2022

You can now set the platform to use different languages! It is now possible to change the language settings on the Jotelulu platform. Jotelulu is expanding its international reach and in order to do this, we have been making changes to the platform and the portal. As of now, you are able to cha

Remote Desktop for 1 User for €25/month

8 March 2022

The Remote Desktop service is now available for single users for just €25 per month! We want to help our Partners to be as competitive as possible, especially micro-businesses. That's why we are now offering a new deal for Remote Desktop services with just a single user. We know that many of you

New Incentives Scheme for Partners

17 January 2022

The Jotelulu incentives scheme is now live. We understand that just saying "thank you" is often not enough, so we have created a default automatic function that gives partners monthly credit in the form of a discount for their contracted infrastructure. The scheme is now live and, if you're alre

New Security Feature for Users

22 July 2021

Here at Jotelulu, we take our users' security very seriously. That is why we have now added a new feature that allows users to reset their passwords periodically. This new feature sits alongside the 2-factor verification to make our services even more secure. It also provides the systems administrat

Invoices Now Available in XML Format

22 July 2021

You can now download your invoices in XML format to more easily import them to your account system. We have enabled a new feature in the Usage section to make life a little easier for your finance department. Until now, invoices were only available in PDF format. Now, you can download your invoices