The Jotelulu migration tool offers a guided, simplified way of uploading, converting and deploying virtual machines or other cloud services.

Make things much easier for yourself. Centralise everything and achieve greater efficiency in just a few steps.

How does the migration tool work?


Migrating infrastructure from one provider to another or uploading from an on-premises server to the cloud can be complex and
involve a lot of risk.

You are probably already familiar with the situation. Migrating infrastructure and data between providers or from an on-premises environment can be a real headache. It often involves a lot of work, and there are many different factors to take into account if you want to carry it out smoothly.

Cloud migration problems


A simple and secure tool that allows you to easily migrate your services and infrastructure.

Our migration tool allows you to easily move data and infrastructure from an on-premises environment or another cloud provider. The whole process is completely stress-free and can be completed in just a few steps.

What are the benefits of our migration tool?

Why should I migrate my services to Jotelulu?

We know how difficult it can be to work with traditional cloud service providers.


Exclusive prices for
your channel
 with better
profit margins than with
other cloud providers. 


Centralise all your
and automate your


No price variability. Stop
your expenses from getting
out of control.
We always
charge the same rate.

Simplify even the most complex processes

Features to make your migrations much simpler



Make everything even easier. The tool includes a setup wizard to make configuring and implementing your migration a piece of cake.

Process details

Process details

Follow a simple and streamlined setup wizard to ensure a successful migration while keeping control over the entire process.

Multiple formats

Multiple formats

Select the most convenient source disk format and choose from multiple data transfer methods to perform your migration. Check how easy it is!

How to get started with my migration?

Start centralising all your infrastructure in one place and enjoy all the benefits now


Contact us so that we can coordinate with each other

Get in touch with us to begin the migration process.


Set your objectives and the procedure to follow

Talk with our team to establish your objectives and the appropriate procedure.


Start your migration process with our help

Start migrating your infrastructure with the support of our team.

Help and tutorials for migrations

Discover the full potential of our migration tool with our easy-to-follow tutorials

Migrate your infrastructure in just 3 steps with the wizard

At Jotelulu, we fully understand that migrating services is not a simple process. It requires time and a great deal of work, and this is often why many people avoid migrating their servers.

At Jotelulu, we work to simplify things. we have designed an automated migration tool that can upload, convert and deploy virtual machines, making the whole process much simpler.

Setup wizard and guided processes
The entire migration process is managed using a setup wizard that helps you to migrate your machines in a fast, flexible way.

Design and UX
Just like the rest of our platform, this tool has been developed with special attention to its design and usability.

Total compatibility

In order to achieve maximum automation and compatibility, we have developed connectors for all the main server formats.

VHD, VHDX, VMDK, QCOW2, RAW, VDI… choose the source format for the virtual disk, select the data transfer method (SFTP, download URL, etc.) and the platform will take care of the rest. Accelerate and standardise the migration process from any type of server in just a few steps.

Migrations Compatibility

Make everything up to 10x easier

At Jotelulu, we understand how complicated it can be to migrate a server. Migrating a machine requires time and attention at every stage of the process.

This is why we have worked to simplify the process and make everything much easier for you. Our migration tool is able to automatically upload, convert and deploy your virtual machines by following just a few simple steps.

With our configuration wizard, you will be able to speed up your server migration and avoid potential human errors. Faster, easier and more flexible.

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We make the difficult easy

Existing Disaster Recovery tools often require advanced knowledge to manage, demanding expertise that is difficult to acquire.

Jotelulu’s Disaster Recovery aims to make the difficult easy and offers a very simple deployment based on a three-step configuration:

Origin (Primary Site)
Determine the origin location of the subscription on which the Disaster Recovery service will be established.

Destination (Recovery Site)
Set the destination location (availability zone) where you want the Recovery Site to be deployed.

Replication characteristics
Specify the data related to the number of copies to be kept and the frequency at which the replication will be performed.