New feature Jotelulu Servers Load Balancers

New Feature: Load Balancers


The Jotelulu platform has a new Load Balancers feature so you can guarantee the most reliable service for your customers. As the name suggests, a load balancer shares the workload between your different servers to minimise the chances of a server overload and optimise the work queue.

As well as adding this new feature to the platform, we have also done everything we can to make it easy to configure so that any IT company can deploy a load balancer without any issues.

You might be wondering when it might be a good idea to deploy and configure a load balancer. Well, this feature is incredibly useful for services, websites or databases that often receive a lot of queries. The load balancer allows you to increase your total processing capacity by spreading the load horizontally, sharing it efficiently between those servers that have less work to do, all in accordance with the settings you choose on the platform.


Where can I find the new Load Balancers feature?


You can find this new feature by navigating to the following page on the platform:


        Servers Subscription > Load Balancers

Click on Load Balancers
Access your Servers subscription and click on Load Balancers


Then, click on “New Rule” to create the rules you want to apply to the Load Balancer.

Click on New Rule
Click on “New Rule” to configure your Load Balancer


More Information

At Jotelulu, we want to make things as stress-free as possible by providing user-friendly tools that really add value in your day-to-day work. With features like Load Balancers, you’ll be able to optimise the way you use your servers and achieve greater stability and shorter load times.

If you’d like to learn more about the configuration process for this new feature, check out the tutorial How to Deploy a Load Balancer. On the other hand, if you’d like to start right from the basics, we recommend reading the tutorial How to Deploy a New Server on Jotelulu.

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