Remote Desktop

Our cloud Remote Desktop solution makes it possible to run any application securely from any location.

The alternative to Microsoft Remote Desktop / Windows Terminal Server, Citrix Virtual Application and other VDI (Virtual Desktop) and DaaS (Desktop as a Service) solutions. No need for specialists.
Complete mobility without sacrificing your key applications. Work from any device as though you were in the office.

No need to worry about maintenance, backups and security with our Remote Desktop service.

How does Remote Desktop work?


Many remote desktop environments are expensive, the user experience is often lacking and security breaches are a genuine concern.

It's a common story. Your business has some key applications and needs to be able to run them easily from different locations whilst maintaining security and without having to make a large financial investment.

Remote desktop problems


Create a secure remote desktop on the cloud at an affordable price so that you can access your applications from any location.

The Jotelulu Remote Desktop service allows you to create a secure, customised, fully integrated environment so that you can access all your company's programs from any location or device. No investments, no complex setups and no difficult maintenance.

What are the advantages of the Jotelulu Remote Desktop?

Distributor Prices

If we want small businesses on the cloud... it needs to be profitable for IT companies

Save time when managing your applications

Set up and manage your Remote Desktop applications in just a few clicks

Manage users and connections

Manage users and connections

Quickly identify the status of each session (active or disconnected) and choose which applications each user can access.



Choose applications from our Marketplace or install your own via the dedicated server for your remote desktop service.

Connections and permissions

Connections and permissions

Easily configure a connection method for each user (Virtual Desktop vs Launchpad) and set their level of permissions (User vs Administrator).

Start using your Remote Desktop in just 3 steps

Request a demo and begin offering a Remote Desktop service with your own branding and prices.


Request a demo on Jotelulu.

Request a demo and we will show you everything

Allow us to show you the platform and the Remote Desktop service.


Try it out for free by deploying a remote desktop

Request a test environment and try out the service for as long as you need.


Offer a remote desktop with your own branding and prices

Provide your customers a service with your own rates and corporate image.

Most commonly installed applications on our remote desktops

Sage X3 on the cloud
A3 CON on the cloud
MS Excel on the cloud
SILTRA on the cloud
A3 NOM on the cloud
Facturae on the cloud
MS Dynamics NAV on the cloud
MS Powerpoint on the cloud
Google Chrome on the cloud
Sage 50c on the cloud
Explorador de Windows on the cloud
Acrobat Reader on the cloud
MS Word on the cloud
MS SQL Server on the cloud
A3 ERP on the cloud

Specially designed for applications that do not have a web version and/or legacy programs that are tied to a physical server.

A3 ERP | Sage X3 | A3 CON | SILTRA | A3 NOM | MS Dynamics NAV | SQL Server | Sage 50c | Facturae

Remote Desktop help and tutorials

Discover the full potential of the service with the help of our easy-to-follow tutorials.

Encourage mobility

Access, store and share your files at the same time as boosting mobility

Work from any location by storing and sharing data as always. A solution of cloud storage designed for the micro and small business.

Forget about connecting to your company server. Create a secure environment on the cloud, set the viewing and editing permissions of each user and allow everyone to access their folder in a secure way from any location. They just need an internet connection.

Save time and costs with the Jotelulu Remote Desktop

Compared with on-premises options:

The Jotelulu Remote Desktop includes everything: the connection technology, infrastructure and maintenance.
When you buy hardware, you are not just investing in metal. You are committing time, effort and energy in installing and maintaining your hardware, not to mention the associated direct and indirect costs (electricity) of having all this equipment on the company premises.


Compared with VDI solutions (virtual desktop):

Avoid the high costs of other Virtual Desktop/VDI/DaaS solutions when they are not really necessary. 

Amazon Workspaces, Windows Virtual Desktop, Flexxible and many others are virtual desktop options that, given their nature and technology, are often more expensive because they deliver something far more powerful than the user really needs. 

Securely and easily run your applications from any location at the best price.

Automatically increase your infrastructure's security

At Jotelulu, we take your security very seriously, and we protect your data using a powerful encryption system and a unique login for each user.

Maximum-Security Data Centres
We use network-neutral data centres with the highest security standards (ISO 27001, ISO 20000, ISO 22301).

Backups Policy
We make backups of all Remote Desktop environments and give the option to increase backup security on different data centres.

Data Encryption
Your company’s data is secure and encrypted on our servers.

IDS/IPS Firewall
Perimeter security to prevent unauthorised access.

End-point Security
We rely on F-Secure to increase the security of each Remote Desktop environment.

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We make the difficult easy

Existing Disaster Recovery tools often require advanced knowledge to manage, demanding expertise that is difficult to acquire.

Jotelulu’s Disaster Recovery aims to make the difficult easy and offers a very simple deployment based on a three-step configuration:

Origin (Primary Site)
Determine the origin location of the subscription on which the Disaster Recovery service will be established.

Destination (Recovery Site)
Set the destination location (availability zone) where you want the Recovery Site to be deployed.

Replication characteristics
Specify the data related to the number of copies to be kept and the frequency at which the replication will be performed.