The Jotelulu Roadshow 2023: Thank You for Making It A Huge Success!


On 22 November, the Jotelulu Roadshow 2023  finally came to a close after seven fantastic events in seven different cities. It was an incredible experience to meet our Partners, share our views about the platform, and talk about infrastructure and upcoming features. But as if that weren’t already enough, you also provided us with lots of feedback that will surely help us as we continue to grow.

This year, we visited Porto, Lisbon, Seville, Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid and Bilbao with the aim of getting to know our Partners better. By meeting with people like software integrators, developers (ISVs) and IT consultants, we were able to get a better idea of what our Partners’ needs are and how we can deliver the best service.

We have a firm commitment to adding value and maintaining close relationships with our Partners, so there’s no doubt that we’ll repeat this roadshow in the future.


What You Asked Us For – Feedback from Our Partners

Over the course of our tour around Spain and Portugal, you provided us with tonnes of ideas and requests, whether at the event itself, by e-mail or over a coffee after one of the shows. Below, we’ve listed the 5 most common topics that came up at the various meetings, and we can assure you that we have plans to include all of them in our medium- and long-term plans.

  • Disaster Recovery as a Service

At each event, we talked a lot about backups, service failures, response times, restore processes, business continuity… basically, everything related to DR. It was a really hot topic! We’ve duly made a note of this and we’re looking at how we can best provide these much sought-after features.

  • Automated Deployment

Currently, once a customer has approved a quote for services, the services being offered need to be set up manually. However, some of you asked about the possibility of automating the deployment process once a quote has been approved. As a matter of fact, this was something that we were already looking at, but your comments have just confirmed what we already suspected. We will continue working on improvements to make the entire process much smoother and free of human errors.

  • Training Plans

It wasn’t exactly a surprise to us, but we had no idea of the true scale of demand out there for training resources. At several events, people mentioned the need for cloud courses, training on how to use the platform, and resources to help improve sales processes. In fact, we talked about many different ways that we could support our Partners on both a technical and commercial level. We have heard you loud and clear, and we’re already looking at relevant features that we could implement in the medium term.

  • Multiserver, Load Balancer and Autoscaling

These features came up several times over the course of the roadshow, even before we had mentioned that we were working on them! Our new Multiserver and Load Balancer features are going to be launched very soon. Autoscaling is also on our list of upcoming features, and it will doubtlessly be something that we begin working on in the near future.

  • Ticketing

According to your feedback, many of you would like greater traceability for incident tickets to improve visibility and monitor processes. We’ve already begun looking at this and we have several projects in mind that we hope will provide an effective solution. We’re sure that we’ll have something really exciting to announce in the medium-to-long term.


In case you missed it…

If you weren’t able to attend our 2023 roadshow, here are some videos from the events we held this year.

You can find other videos in this playlist. Many thanks for your support!

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