S3 Buckets

Object storage service that allows you to store and retrieve large volumes of data from any location without costs getting out of hand.

Because SMEs are storing more and more data and require simpler, more centralised, affordable solutions.

S3 Buckets

How does S3 buckets works?


For many companies, it starts to become prohibitively expensive to store data securely.

It's obvious what is happening. Your company keeps needing more space to store and protect security copies, application data, etc. Data volumes are growing all the time and the costs just keep rising.

S3 problems


S3 Buckets are a simple and affordable storage solution.

S3 Buckets are a centralised, simple and affordable storage solution for companies of any size. They allow you to store large volumes of data in an organised, secure way at the best price.

Why choose Jotelulu S3 Buckets?

Distributor Prices

If we want small businesses on the cloud... it needs to be profitable for IT companies

Simplify the most complicated processes

Features to make it easier to manage your file storage



Quickly identify the owner of each S3 Bucket and the status of each access point (active or deactivated), managing everything through our platform.



Control your storage quota, the amount used, versioning and automated deletion of objects, all through the platform.

Folder Structure

Folder Structure

Easily manage the structure of your S3 Bucket's files and folders and their associated permission in a centralised way.

Start using your S3 Bucket in just 3 steps

Request a demo and start offering the S3 Bucket service to your customers.


Request a demo on Jotelulu.

Request a demo so that we can show you everything

Let us show you our platform and the S3 Bucket service.


Deploy the S3 Bucket service

Try it out by deploying an S3 Bucket for €0

Request a test environment and try out the service for as long as you need.


And start storing data at the best price

Begin to store any volume of data according to your business needs.

A few programs that are compatible with our
S3 Buckets service

Veeam Backup en la nube
WebDrive en la nube
WinSCP en la nube
SyncBackPro en la nube
NetDrive en la nube
FileCloud en la nube
Veritas en la nube
Cyberduck en la nube
S3 Browser en la nube
Ashay en la nube
Commvault en la nube
Borg en la nube
Acronis en la nube
R1Soft en la nube
Duplicati en la nube
Bacula en la nube
Restic en la nube

Especially designed for integrating with Backup, Archiving and Storage programs

Veeam Backup | Acronis | Ashay Backup | Bacula | R1Soft | Duplicati | NetDrive | FileCloud | WinSCP | S3Browser | CyberDuck

S3 Buckets Help and tutorials

Discover the full potential of the service with our easy-to-follow tutorials, written especially for you

Increase the security of your data

At Jotelulu, we take your security very seriously. We protect all your data using powerful encryption techniques and a unique login for each user.

Maximum-Security Data Centres
We use network-neutral data centres with the highest security standards (ISO 27001, ISO 20000, ISO 22301).

Distributed Storage
Data is distributed in various clusters on different data centres to ensure resilience and durability.

Data Encryption
Your business’ data is secure and encrypted on our servers and disks.

IDS/IPS Firewall
Perimeter security to prevent unauthorised access.

Access control tools
Tools are available that allow you to block public access to all objects at the bucket level.

Optimise costs as you increase your storage

Optimise Costs:

Cloud technology and new types of storage make it possible to offer services like S3 Buckets, which combine scalability and flexibility with really competitive prices.

Avoid over-supply, control costs and optimise your spending at all times.


Control your usage in Real Time:

Keep your S3 Bucket usage under control with daily updates of your service storage consumption.

Optimize S3 bucket costs

We try to make the difficult easy

These days, all businesses need to store data, regardless of size. Some businesses may need to store a wide range of different types of data relating to websites, security copies, archives, etc.

S3 Buckets aims to simplify the storage process as much as possible:

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We make the difficult easy

Existing Disaster Recovery tools often require advanced knowledge to manage, demanding expertise that is difficult to acquire.

Jotelulu’s Disaster Recovery aims to make the difficult easy and offers a very simple deployment based on a three-step configuration:

Origin (Primary Site)
Determine the origin location of the subscription on which the Disaster Recovery service will be established.

Destination (Recovery Site)
Set the destination location (availability zone) where you want the Recovery Site to be deployed.

Replication characteristics
Specify the data related to the number of copies to be kept and the frequency at which the replication will be performed.