How does cloud storage work?



The most popular storage services do not always comply with regulations and are often not 100% designed for businesses.

We are all aware of the restrictions enforced by data protection legislation and their impact on data storage, particularly within the EU. However, not all storage services are designed for businesses and the needs of the workplace (permissions settings, backups, etc.).


A cloud storage service designed for businesses, hosted in multiple maximum-security data centres located in Spain.

Our Cloud Storage service is a 100% professional service aimed at small and micro-businesses. It ensures that they comply with data protection legislation and includes default backup services in the price.

What are the advantages of Cloud Storage?

Security and GDPR

Security and GDPR

At Jotelulu, we take security, data protection and the GDPR very seriously. This is why our cloud storage service includes backups stored in multiple data centres located in Spain. 


  • Data centres in Spain

  • Data encryption

  • Distributed storage

Total mobility

Access, store and collaborate from any location and device. Manage your files in a professional way and without limitations. Boost mobility at the same time as gaining more functionalities and security.


  • From any location and device

  • Integration with the environment

  • Compatible with Remote Desktop

Easy file management

At Jotelulu, we look to strike a balance between usability, simplicity and functionality so that we can offer our services with the smoothest learning curve possible. We want you to be able to use your time efficiently.


  • 2-step setup wizard

  • Automated processes

  • Centralised management

Distributor Prices

If we want small businesses on the cloud... it needs to be profitable for IT companies

Simplify the most complicated processes

Features to make it easier to manage your file storage

We include backups

Default backup schedules so that you will never lose more than 1 hour of work

<p>Backups&nbsp;in 3 different data centres.</p>

Backups in 3 different data centres.

Our backup system stores your security copies in a distributed system across three data centres.

<p>Robust backups policy by default</p>

Robust backups policy by default

We make security copies every hour, every day, every week and keep them for up to 30 weeks.

<p>Easy to restore at any time</p>

Easy to restore at any time

Instant, granular, online data recovery system available for all users.

Cloud storage in just 3 steps

Deploy your new service in a matter of minutes. Easy to set up and maintain.

Book a demo and we will show you everything

Allow us to show you how the platform and the storage service work.

Set up the service and try it for free

Request a trial environment and test the service for as long as you need.

Offer a service with your own branding and prices

Offer the Cloud Storage service using your prices and corporate image.