How does our Cloud PBX work?


Difficult setups and complex management discourage many IT companies when it comes to offering Cloud PBX services.

Numbers, extensions, trunk integration, calendars, call quality... Venturing into the world of Cloud PBX is not as easy as it might sound. Why hasn't anyone developed something simpler? 


Main problem with cloud PBX services and VoIP
Cloud PBX is a VoIP solution that is accessible and easy to manage


Set up and manage your cloud PBX service in just a few steps and make your customer service more professional at an affordable price.

With the Jotelulu Cloud PBX service, you can set up and manage a VoIP service quickly and easily using our setup wizards and guided processes. A 100% affordable service for any IT company.

Why choose the Jotelulu Cloud PBX service?

Easy-to-manage Cloud PBX

Easy to Manage

Use our setup wizards and guided processes to get your cloud PBX up and running in no time at all. The entire platform is designed to make even the most complex setups easy to configure.


  • Setup wizard

  • Guided processes

  • Specific designs and UX

Continuous support for your cloud PBX

Continuous Support

Benefit from special features, alerts, materials and the help of our expert team when setting up your cloud PBX. You will never be alone, and we will be there to help you whenever you need us.


  • Explanatory tutorials

  • Alerts and notificatons

  • Our team is always available

Robust, secure and reliable cloud PBX

Robustness and reliability

At Jotelulu, we take the quality and robustness of our services very seriously. With the cloud PBX, we go a step further because we know how sensitive voice services and user demand can be.


  • Redundant trunks

  • High availability of servers

  • Networks optimised for VoIP

Simplify even the most complex processes

Features to make managing your cloud PBX service simpler.

Distributor Prices

If we want small businesses on the cloud... it needs to be profitable for IT companies.

Offer much more to your customers

Features to make managing systems for SMEs more efficient

Start using your Cloud PBX service in just 3 steps

Set up your service in a matter of minutes. Easy to configure and manage.

Request a demo on Jotelulu.

Request a demo and we will show you everything

Allow us to show you the platform and the cloud PBX service.
Set up your cloud PBX in 2 steps with help of our setup wizard.

Try it for free by setting up a cloud PBX

Request a test environment and try out the service for as long as you need.
Offer Cloud PBX with your own image and prices

Offer Cloud PBX services with your own branding and prices

Offer your customers a service with your own corporate image and prices.

See what else you can do with the Cloud PBX service

Discover the full potential of the service with the help of our easy-to-follow tutorials.