What Makes Jotelulu So Different from Other Cloud Service Providers?

What Makes Jotelulu So Different from Other Cloud Service Providers?


The truth is that we are not very much like other cloud service providers. Here at Jotelulu, we try to do things differently and add value in areas where other cloud service providers don’t.

In our opinion, traditional cloud service providers focus heavily on their service (performance, features, product portfolio, etc.) and not very much on the needs of the people that actually have to use it. This means that their platforms are often complex and require specialist knowledge to get the most out of them (and such people rarely come cheap).

“Our priorities are different!: We are focused on small IT companies, their needs and concerns, and above all, the people that make up their teams.”

Without forgetting the importance of our services (a fundamental part of our business), at Jotelulu, we try to make things easy and create simple services with the sysadmin in mind. Not only this, we also explore ways to support other departments, such as sales, legal or admin, by creating specific features and material designed to help them in their roles.

That said, the question is… what makes Jotelulu so different from other cloud service providers?

 #1. Exclusivity [Only for IT companies].

Imagine that your cloud service provider is in direct competition with you. When offering a service to your customers, your provider is also your competitor. Well, this is what happens with the majority of cloud service providers; they offer the same service as you and, of course, they can offer it at a better price.

Obviously, it’s pretty hard to win new customers in this situation, right?

At Jotelulu, we have no interest in competing with you. Instead, we want to grow with you. That’s why our platform is designed to help you be more competitive as a cloud service provider. We know who our customers are, and we only work with our Partners – IT and communications companies – no one else. We are absolutely sure that the only way to digitalise micro and small businesses and get them on the cloud is through companies like yours.

#2. White Label [100% customisable]:

Our platform is designed to be entirely customisable and presented as your product. Even the current “Where’s Wally” world champion won’t be able to find our name anywhere on the platform.

Not only will your name and logo feature on the platform and the website front end; but they will also be on all the documents that you can generate through the platform (quotes, sales materials, marketing e-mails, etc.) and access URLs. When you register a new customer, everything will be perfectly set up as though we do not exit. Everything, absolutely everything, will carry your corporate branding. 

This is because we put your company at the centre of everything, not the service provider.


Image - Customisation on the Jotelulu platform
Image – Customisation on the Jotelulu platform


#3. 15-day Free Trial

We know that when a customer accepts a quote, things have only just begun. The new infrastructure will have to be deployed, configured, tested and adjusted, and this entire process can cost both money and time.

At Jotelulu, we are fully aware of this. That’s why we give you the first 15 days free after deploying any of our services. This way, you will have the chance to deploy the service, optimise it, customise it or make any other adjustments without paying a penny.

#4. Incentives Scheme!

We want to show our appreciation to those companies that put their trust in us. Therefore, we offer an incentives scheme whereby you can receive monthly credit according to how much your customers use our infrastructure.

The more customers you have, the more credit you will receive. You can use this credit to acquire services for your own company for free. Servers, cloud storage, or even a Cloud PBX service, all for free. Set up your test environments or use it as your own infrastructure. You can do whatever you wish. We won’t charge you a thing.

#5. 360° Additional Features to Support All Departments.

We know that you don’t have time for everything. The day-to-day of an IT company can be quite hectic, and not just for the technical team.

For this reason, at Jotelulu, we also try to offer solutions, materials and features that help the different departments in an IT company. This includes white-label commercial documentation, customisable contracts, training courses, quotes or marketing campaigns.

We are focused on all the people that make up your team (sales, admin, marketing, etc.) and we want to make all of their lives much easier.

Do you know of another cloud service provider that does that?


Image - Generating quotes on the platform
Image – Generating quotes on the platform


By Systems Administrators for Systems Administrators

One of the comments that we hear most often from our customers is about how easy our platform is to use and how it includes features that are often missing on other similar platforms.

Our secret is really quite simple: we are a company made up of technicians and sysadmins in which the majority of our staff have technical roles. They have worked hard to develop a complete yet simple environment that includes all necessary features and functionalities without forgetting about the people that have to manage them.

#6. Simple, User-friendly Interface

At Jotelulu, we are aware that most cloud services involve a rather steep learning curve. We are also conscious that when a technician has to learn how to use a new service, they need to get their head around it and become autonomous as quickly as possible. The technician’s learning time is not something you can bill the customer for, after all. This means that we are 100% committed to keeping this learning curve as gentle as possible.

The Jotelulu interface is designed to be as simple and user-friendly as possible. All system administrator tasks are performed with the help of a setup wizard and many processes are automated. Our main goal is to make the complex easy.

#7. Efficient, Personal Support

When a technician or technical team has to deploy or administrate a service, problems can commonly arise when it comes to configuring a new service or sizing a new server. If support isn’t there when you need it, things can go from bad to worse.

At Jotelulu, we fully understand this. That’s why our support team is made up of senior staff. We provide a support line (as well as an e-mail address) which is available most of the day, and we aim to resolve all issues as quickly as possible, taking into account each customer’s specific circumstances.

Our support team is made up of the same administrators and technicians that have to use the platform, and this gives us a significant advantage over other providers. After all, who knows our architecture better than the very people who designed it and use it every day?

#8. Backups Included [Triple copy]

For any cloud service provider, infrastructure security should be a top priority and maintaining security copies of servers should be considered a basic need. In most cases, this is something that providers do take seriously. However, they generally only offer these services for an additional cost, which dissuades a lot of companies from making regular backups.

At Jotelulu, we all have first-hand experience of this situation. We know what it is like to have to choose between infrastructure costs or not keeping security copies, and we also know that those savings are often a false economy in the long term.

That is why Joteluu includes security copies by default for all of our services. They are completely free and are automatically set up at the same time as your service, so you don’t even have to think about it. Copies are made hourly, daily and weekly, and you can even schedule your own manual backups. Your peace of mind is a priority for us.

With all this, should anything disastrous ever occur, you will always be able to revert to a previous version of your server without any issues at all.


Image - Scheduling server backups on the platform
Image – Scheduling server backups on the platform


In short…

At Jotelulu, we don’t just offer cloud services!

The main thing that sets us apart from other cloud service providers is that we don’t just focus on the performance of our infrastructure (although it is very important to us) or our range of products. What sets us apart are our additional services, extra features, simplicity and unbeatable support.

We are focused on IT companies and helping them be more competitive and get more small and micro businesses on the cloud. We are completely dedicated to them, and we want to create useful products that allow them to provide their customers with the very best service…

No, we are nothing like other cloud servicer providers.

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