Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the data centres that store my data located?

We currently store all data in two maximum-security data centres located in Spain (INTERXION). They are located in Madrid and are the interconnection node for data on the Iberian peninsula.


Direct access to these ESpanix and DE-CIX neutral-network points and the more than 70 fixed and mobile telecoms operators that provide our CPDs allow us to increase the redundancy and resilience of our terminals at the same time as offering maximum security, supported by standards like ISO 27001 and 22301.


To find out more about our data centres, please see: Infrastrucuture and Security.


Can I increase and decrease the resources that I use at any time?

Of course. Jotelulu products can be adjusted to the customer's needs in real time. On the platform (, users can increase or decrease their contracted resources at any time in accordance with their business needs and only pay for what they actually use.

How can I manage my subscriptions?

Simple. All subscriptions can be managed online on the Jotelulu platform ( using the username and password created when registering. Simply log into the panel, click on the subscription in question and make the changes you need.

Can I assign different roles to users that are going to manage my services?

Yes. It is possible to set limits on permissions for any users that have access to the platform.


Administrators can manage all products, services and features available for each organisation, without limitations. By default, the role of administrator is assigned to the user that registered the organisation on the platform, and it is they who have the ability to create new users. Users can have limitations set to the changes they can make, depending on the judgement of the administrator.

What levels of security protect access the platform?

Currently, access to the Jotelulu platform requires 2-step Verification. This means that users require two factors to log in (as well as a user ID): a password and a specific temporary code or PIN which is randomly generated by another program.



Currently, the Jotelulu platform works with Google Authenticator to create this PIN (second factor of authentication).

Can I manage multiple organisations with a single account?

Yes, there are two ways that you can manage multiple organisations through a single account:


  • If you are a Partner. A Partner account is able to manage all organisations that are registered under their account. 
  • If the organisation gives you such permission. If more than one organisation provides you with a user account with the necessary permissions, you will be able to manage different organisations without being a Partner.

How can I contact your support team?

You can contact our team at any moment in either of the following ways:


  • Using the contact form in the Support Centre on the website (if you are not a customer)
  • Creating a ticket in the Help section on the platform (if you have an account)
  • By telephone: (+34) 911 333 710.

Where can I find technical documentation about Jotelulu services?

All technical documentation relating to each of our services is available in the Tutorials subsection of the Support Centre. There, you will find all the information necessary to set up, manage and learn about each of the services provided on the platform.

Can I have multiple subscriptions for a single service on one account?

Currently, all of our services, with the exception of Cloud Storage, can have multiple subscriptions on a single account (the exception of the service is due mainly to its nature, marketing and concept).

What security levels implemented on the Jotelulu platform?

Security is at the heart of our services and platform, and for that reason, we have created a special section to talk about it.


Please see: Infrastructure and Security