How does S3 buckets works?


For many companies, it starts to become prohibitively expensive to store data securely.

It's obvious what is happening. Your company keeps needing more space to store and protect security copies, application data, etc. Data volumes are growing all the time and the costs just keep rising.

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S3 Buckets are a simple and affordable storage solution.

S3 Buckets are a centralised, simple and affordable storage solution for companies of any size. They allow you to store large volumes of data in an organised, secure way at the best price.

Why choose Jotelulu S3 Buckets?

Increase security

Increase security

Store all your data in a distributed way across different data centres, disks and servers, thereby increasing resilience. Use encryption to protect your data from unauthorised access.


  • Distributed storage

  • Data encryption

  • Access control tools

Optimise costs

Optimise costs

Enjoy the best prices of the markets for object storage regardless of volume. With S3 Buckets, it is now possible to store large archives at the best price without sacrificing performance.


  • Very competitive prices

  • Real-time billing

  • Great performance at the best price

Simplify management

Simplify management

At Jotelulu, we aim to strike a balance between simplicity and functionality in order to offer maximum flexibility without any steep learning curves for users. Our goal is to optimise your time.


  • 2-step setup wizard

  • Centralised management

  • Process automation

Simplify your data storage

Set up and manage your S3 Bucket in just a few clicks

Start using your S3 Bucket in just 3 steps

Request a demo and start offering the S3 Bucket service to your customers.

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And start storing data at the best price

And start storing data at the best price

Begin to store any volume of data according to your business needs.

A few programs that are compatible with our S3 Buckets service

Especially designed for integrating with Backup, Archiving and Storage programs

Veam Backup Acronis Ashay Backup Bacula R1Soft Duplicati NetDrive FileCloud WinSCP S3Browser CyberDuck

S3 Buckets Help and tutorials

Discover the full potential of the service with our easy-to-follow tutorials, written especially for you