How does remote desktop work?


Many remote desktop environments are expensive, the user experience is often lacking and security breaches are a genuine concern.

It's a common story. Your business has some key applications and needs to be able to run them easily from different locations whilst maintaining security and without having to make a large financial investment.

Remote desktop problems
Secure, easy-to-use remote desktop


Create a secure remote desktop on the cloud at an affordable price so that you can access your applications from any location.

The Jotelulu Remote Desktop service allows you to create a secure, customised, fully integrated environment so that you can access all your company's programs from any location or device. No investments, no complex setups and no difficult maintenance.

What are the advantages of the Jotelulu Remote Desktop?

A remote connection from any location

Increase Mobility

Now you can run your applications on the cloud as though there were locally installed on your computer. Securely connect from any location and any device.


  • From any location or device

  • Compatible with local printers

  • Fully integrated with your desktop

Save on remote desktop licences

Save time and costs

Avoid buying hardware for expensive VDI (virtual desktop) solutions that you don't really need. Now you can have a cloud environment with all the necessary infrastructure, support and connection technology.


  • Less maintenance

  • Less expensive than VDI

  • No need to invest in hardware

Secure remote connection

Increase Security

At Jotelulu, we take security very seriously. We protect data using perimeter security systems (Firewall, IDS/IPS), end-point security and a unique encrypted login for each user.


  • Secure data centres

  • Data encryption

  • Perimeter and end-point security

Distributor Prices

If we want small businesses on the cloud... it needs to be profitable for IT companies

Save time when managing your applications

Set up and manage your Remote Desktop applications in just a few clicks

Start using your Remote Desktop in just 3 steps

Request a demo and begin offering a Remote Desktop service with your own branding and prices.

Request a demo on Jotelulu

Request a demo and we will show you everything

Allow us to show you the platform and the Remote Desktop service.
Set up your remote desktop

Try it out for free by deploying a remote desktop

Request a test environment and try out the service for as long as you need.
Start using the remote desktop service

Offer a remote desktop with your own branding and prices

Provide your customers a service with your own rates and corporate image.

Most commonly installed applications on our remote desktops

Specially designed for applications that do not have a web version and/or legacy programs that are tied to a physical server.

A3 ERP Sage X3 A3 CON SILTRA A3 NOM MS Dynamics NAV SQL Server Sage 50c Facturae

Remote Desktop help and tutorials

Discover the full potential of the service with the help of our easy-to-follow tutorials.