Price modification policy

Price Modification Policy


At Jotelulu, we like to do things differently. We want to make like easier for IT companies. But we don’t just focus on the technical stuff; we also want to help our Partners with all things, including prices and pricing policy.

We are very aware of the fact that our decisions can have a significant impact on our Partners and the end customer. As a result, even though we will not change any of our prices in 2022, we feel that it is important to explain how price changes could happen in the future if deemed necessary.


Prices and general payment conditions


We do things differently.

How is pricing managed at Jotelulu and why? Our approach has always been the same: to make it easier for small IT companies to sell and manage cloud services. But once we got started, we found a few common practices on the market that we didn’t think were very practical. So, we decided to shake things up a little when developing our own pricing and payment conditions, which are a little different from those you might find with other cloud service providers.

  • Pay as you go. Registering on the Jotelulu platform is free. Any cost you pay will be linked to the cloud services you sign up for, whether as a customer organisation or a Partner.
  • No fixed-term contracts*. All our cloud services are billed by the hour. Therefore, if you cancel a subscription, this will take effect immediately.
  • No price variations. Prices will not vary month by month like with other providers. At Jotelulu, there are no items (connectivity, bandwidth, etc.) that might vary and give you a fright one month.
  • Pay at the end of the following month. Protect your cash flow by paying for your services a month after you receive your invoice.
  • We only work with you. We don’t want to be your competition. We believe that the only way to digitalise SMEs and move them onto the cloud is by supporting IT companies like you. Our aim is to keep you as competitive as possible, offer you the best prices and provide the best support.
  • 15 days free for any new subscription. Because we know that our Partners need a few days to set up and optimise services before delivering them to the end customer.
  • Rewards through our incentives schemeWe offer an incentives scheme to give a little something back to all our Partners that have put their trust in us.
*The contract term of any third-party software licenses will be subject to the pricing policies and terms of the manufacturer in question. 


Price Modification Policy

We are not going to change our prices in 2022. However, we can’t rule out changes to our pricing strategy in the medium or long term. Therefore, we want to be transparent and explain how this might occur in the future should we see it necessary to make changes.


Changes to tariffs for Jotelulu cloud services

At Jotelulu, we have an established price modification policy in case changes are required in the future. Here are the three most important points that we want to highlight:

  • One change per year. If changes are required, prices will only be adjusted a maximum of once a year.
  • 2 months’ notice. If changes are required, you will receive 2 months’ notice of any such changes.
  • Notice via e-mail. Jotelulu promises to contact the main contact and billing contact registered on the platform via e-mail.


Changes to tariffs for third-party software licences

The Jotelulu Marketplace offers licences for third-party software. In this case, we are subject to the pricing policies and conditions of each manufacturer. You will receive prior notice before any price change.




We will not increase prices at any point in 2022.

Our aim is not to raise prices. We want our Partners to be as competitive as possible and achieve the best profit margins. That’s why we are continuously looking for ways to make our services and resources as efficient as possible without compromising on security or performance. Keeping our prices where they are, despite rising inflation, has been one of our key objectives this year.

However, the future is uncertain, and that’s why we felt it necessary to share our price modification policy with you. We hope that you find them reasonable.

Thank you for choosing Jotelulu!

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