New Data Centre in Madrid

New Data Centre in Madrid (EU-MAD3)


We have a new data centre! 

We have just moved to EU_MAD3, a new, cutting-edge data centre located in the district of San Blas-Canillejas in Madrid. This move will allow us to reinforce the security and resilience of our entire infrastructure whilst improving our connectivity and efficiency at the same time.

At Jotelulu, our platform and infrastructure are hosted on advanced data centres that we choose according to strict criteria, considering security, quality, efficiency and connectivity. This new data centre operated by Interxion (EU-MAD3) is currently considered one of the leading data centres in Spain and probably one of the most advanced to date.


Why Interxion MAD3?

At Jotelulu, we are continuing the grow, and we intend to also grow in terms of efficiency, connectivity, security and resilience. Choosing Interxion MAD3 will allow us to strengthen in all these areas. But why have we chosen Interxion MAD3 over other data centres?

  • Resilience and security. Multiple security certifications, high availability, strict physical security measures, next-generation environmental controls and more than 10 years without any problems make this a solid decision.
  • Greater connectivity. Interxion currently offers connections to more than 100 fixed and mobile telecoms operators, and we have direct access to ESpanix and DE-CIX neutral points.
  • Network neutral data centre. This allows us to use multiple telecoms providers to ensure redundancy and resilience.
  • Sustainability. Interxion’s responsible operations strategy and significant energy efficiency measures make them the ideal partner as we look to tackle the challenges of the future.

More information:

At Jotelulu, we are obsessed with the security and availability of our systems. We take great care when choosing our providers, and when it comes to data centres, we take our analysis to the next level. This is a critical decision for us that we need to be sure to get right.

Once again, we have chosen Interxion. As a strategic partner, we are sure that they will help us to continue to grow in an organised and secure way as we look to expand and explore new horizons.

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