CO2 Emissions Avoided Thanks to Jotelulu

CO2 Emissions Avoided Thanks to Jotelulu


We are delighted to announce that you can now see the CO2 eq emissions avoided as a result of choosing cloud services over an on-premises option. This measure can be consulted in the Usage section on the platform.

Jotelulu is a cloud computing platform and, as such, allows you to enjoy services that consume less energy than on-premises solutions. We are fully aware of our impact on the environment, and that is why we have decided to visually display the emissions savings that can be achieved by opting for our cloud-based services instead.


Where can I see this information and what will I find?

This tool has been developed based on an exhaustive analysis of various carbon footprint studies and comparative trials that allows us to establish the difference (in gCO2eq) between services hosted in a data centre and on-premises services.

We have then worked to apply this data in real time to our own services, adjusting it to the usage by each customer and the type of services that they have signed up for. This way, you can see the emissions savings (en gCO2eq) achieved by choosing a cloud-based service. However, this data on its own is not very visual. So, we have chosen to display these figures alongside the data for everyday objects or activities, like an iPhone X, an Amazon delivery, a Tesla Model S or Air Conditioning.

Simple cards that show the emissions savings alongside everyday devices or activities

Simple cards that show the emissions savings alongside everyday devices or activities

To see all this information and consult your emissions savings, simply navigate to:


  Organisation > Usage

How to access the Usage section and see the new CO2eq emissions savings feature

How to access the Usage section and see the new CO2eq emissions savings feature


More information and/or next steps:

At Jotelulu, we take our environmental impact very seriously. We are conscious of the times in which we live and want to form part of a more sustainable world. These things are important to us and we are sure that they are to you too. This is why we have chosen to calculate our carbon emissions and show them to you in as simple a format as possible.

If you are interested in learning more about sustainability, don’t hesitate to read our section on Corporate Social ResponsibilityThanks for helping us to be part of the change.


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We make the difficult easy

Existing Disaster Recovery tools often require advanced knowledge to manage, demanding expertise that is difficult to acquire.

Jotelulu’s Disaster Recovery aims to make the difficult easy and offers a very simple deployment based on a three-step configuration:

Origin (Primary Site)
Determine the origin location of the subscription on which the Disaster Recovery service will be established.

Destination (Recovery Site)
Set the destination location (availability zone) where you want the Recovery Site to be deployed.

Replication characteristics
Specify the data related to the number of copies to be kept and the frequency at which the replication will be performed.