We offer the following to manage your customers and services


Centralise all your customers in a single place and access each one quickly.


Access and makes changes to your customers' services in a matter of seconds. Everything is designed to optimise your time.


Manage each of your customers' different services from the main dashboard.


Each organisation can be registered for multiple services. Access the controls for each one quickly and easily.

Simplified Controls

Manage even the most complex services easily with our intuitive platform.


Every process has been designed and automated to make managing your services and features as simple as possible.

Granular Permissions

Assign different permissions to each user that has access to the platform.


Set up different profiles for your users (technical, sales, administration, etc.) and assign permissions so that they can only control what is relevant to them.

Automated Processes

Setup wizards assist the user to save time and make managing processes even simpler.


All services feature some form of assistant to improve usability and make managing services more intuitive.

Complete Control

Monitor the behaviour of your systems at all times and track any operations carried out.


Monitoring, logs and notifications help you to keep a close eye on all services and tasks on the platform.

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It's all about you

Everything, absolutely everything on Jotelulu is offered as white label.


All services offered on Jotelulu are available as white label products so that our Partners can sell them as their own.

User Portal

Each partner has a custom URL that is the login page for their customers to access their services.


All e-mails generated by the platform and sent to the end user can be customised to display the Partner's own branding.


Even the Jotelulu platform itself can be configured to display the Partner's corporate image if they choose to give access to the end customer.

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Windows Server 2022 for Remote Desktop and Servers

30 May 2022

From July, the template with the new Windows Server 2022 OS will be available on the platform. From this point on, any Servers or Remote Desktop subscription will be able to choose this operating system when setting up their new server. For quite a while now, the platform has already offered a sim

New Data Centre in Madrid (EU-MAD3)

30 May 2022

We have a new data centre! We have just moved to EU_MAD3, a new, cutting-edge data centre located in the district of San Blas-Canillejas in Madrid. This move will allow us to reinforce the security and resilience of our entire infrastructure whilst improving our connectivity and efficiency at t

Price Modification Policy

25 May 2022

At Jotelulu, we like to do things differently. We want to make like easier for IT companies. But we don't just focus on the technical stuff; we also want to help our Partners with all things, including prices and pricing policy. We are very aware of the fact that our decisions can have a signifi