5 Tools for Checking Your Network Security

7 February 2022

Today, we'll learn about some of the best network security tools that can help you to keep your infrastructure safe from attacks. Tools like TCPDump, WinDump, Nmap, Wireshark, Aircrack-ng and Kali Linux can all help you to carry out intrusion tests and identify weak points in your network's security

5 Reasons Why the Cloud is More Secure Than Your Office Server

1 February 2022

These days, data security is a top concern for almost every company. A single incident could mean significant financial losses, whether it is unauthorised access to confidential data, modification of business data or the theft of intellectual property. But actually, these financial losses could

The 5 Most Useful Free Tools for Windows Systems Administrators (I)

13 January 2022

One of the biggest problems for systems administrators is that they are constantly firefighting, solving problems that need an immediate response, and therefore, dedicating less time to more important tasks like improving their IT infrastructure. In fact, there are studies that show that technicians

First Glance at Windows Server 2022

3 December 2021

Barely a month ago, Microsoft launched their new server operating system, Windows Server 2022 and did so without much fanfare. In fact, the launch was initially silent, followed by a few online events. This is far from Microsoft's usual approach when launching a new version of Windows, which normall

6 Reasons To Opt for the Cloud Instead of On-Premises Software

23 September 2021

In this article, we explain some of the best arguments that IT companies use when trying to sell their cloud services to micro and small businesses. We'll explain just how much better the cloud is than on-premises solutions in terms of price, security, usability, flexibility and maintenance. He

3 Tools to Help You Gain More Customers (As an IT Company)

13 September 2021

Find out how other IT companies identify new sales opportunities in their region. There are really just two simple steps: First, download a list of local businesses from Google Maps with all their details and then, identify the e-mail address for their main contact. Identifying sales leads as an

10 Tech Forums That Every Sysadmin Should Know About

5 April 2021

Today, we bring you a comparison and analysis of various forums that any systems administrator should know about, or anyone in the IT sector, for that matter. We'll look at the number of visits, threads and users, as well as the type of content, so that you know what there is out there. Keepi

Comparing the Remote Desktop Service with VPS-RDS Solutions

15 January 2021

Price shouldn't be the only factor when comparing remote desktop environments with VPS-RDS solutions. It's also important to take into consideration other factors such as the time dedicated to managing the service, licencing, printer integration, security and admin tasks. The time and effort req

Remote Desktop - 70% Less Expensive than Azure RDS

7 October 2020

Compare the price between Jotelulu's Remote Desktop service and Azure's RDS and find out why Remote Desktop is up to three times less expensive than the same service from Microsoft. These days, remote working has become an important part of life. The vast majority of companies have now accept