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6 Reasons To Opt for the Cloud Instead of On-Premises Software

23 September 2021

In this article, we explain some of the best arguments that IT companies use when trying to sell their cloud services to micro and small businesses. We'll explain just how much better the cloud is than on-premises solutions in terms of price, security, usability, flexibility and maintenance. He

3 Tools to Help You Gain More Customers (As an IT Company)

13 September 2021

Find out how other IT companies identify new sales opportunities in their region. There are really just two simple steps: First, download a list of local businesses from Google Maps with all their details and then, identify the e-mail address for their main contact. Identifying sales leads as an

What Makes Jotelulu So Different from Other Cloud Service Providers?

9 March 2022

The truth is that we are not very much like other cloud service providers. Here at Jotelulu, we try to do things differently and add value in areas where other cloud service providers don't. In our opinion, traditional cloud service providers focus heavily on their service (performance, features